Math Prodigy Hack (Membership, infinite credits etc)

Prodigy Generator Hack

Prodigy Generator Hack

Gold and Level Hack

Check my YT channel for the tutorial video.

I might be among the first people to actually exploit prodigy so I made a video about it -)
In the video, I show these exploits:
-EXP exploit
-Level 100
-Infinite Gold
-Instant Damage
-Membership bypass (I removed membership simply code so the game thinks I am allowed membership items)

One I did not show was name changing. If you make a new account I can change the name to anything I wish

Disclaimer: I will not release any code as well as with the was already reported to prodigy staff.

For the record, with the is known as an “exploit” not a “hack”. I put hack in the title cause people look “hack” additional often than “exploit”
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If you read with the you’re a nerd
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